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Oxungi set for this Saturday

Here is your chance to flaunt and learn Oshiwambo and it’s cultures.

If you thought having to play 30 seconds in English is a walk in the park or a bit challenging, wait until you play it in Oshiwambo at the Oxungi event this weekend.

Set to take place at the Old Location Restaurant in Windhoek, the event is aimed at celebrating a tradition by the Aawambo of gathering around the fire in the evening to socialize through sharing stories and riddles just to mention a few. Under the theme upholding our culture in modern times, the event will challenge the Oshiwambo speaking people to strictly communicate strictly without mixing languages such as English and Afrikaans. Should one fail to adhere to the speaking anything other than Oshiwambo, they will pay a fine of N$ 1 per word. People who are not Oshiwambo but do speak or understand are also welcome to this event.

The Oxungi team took part in the recently ended Kasi Vibe Festival where they engaged the festival attenders including the first lady of Namibia Monica Geingos.  


Besides 30 seconds, other games include ewuma, owela, amgoesa and dotta. The attire to be worn at Oxungi is odelala and other traditional outfits.

Oxungi tickets can be purchased on Events Today website, PayToday App, Airtime City Machines for N$ 70 or by dialing 0852383101.


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