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Paul Da Prince speaks out

Paul Da Prince who is currently in South Africa, has been released after paying a N$ 3000 fine for working in Namibia without a work permit.

Margaret Kallo the spokesperson of the Ministry of Immigration’s confirmed that Paul Munanjala well known as Paul Da Prince was detained and released and is welcome to return to the country once his papers are in order.

“Munanjala appeared in court and paid a fine of N$ 3000. He can come back once he has applied for a work permit. He can come back as long as his things are in order ,” she said.

Meanwhile, Da Prince who has made a name for himself on the Namibian social scene and as TV and radio presenter said he was shocked by the experience.

According to media reports, a group of NBC staff have started the witch hunt for the personality as he opted to go to work as a radio freelance presenter during the industrial demonstration.

Speaking to unwrap.online, the RnB star stated that he was not arrested and that he is currently in South Africa.

“I am currently in South Africa ready to go support my brother SK Khoza.I’m shocked that people are happy with the arrest when they don’t know the details, it was an issue that was resolved quickly,” he stated.

This is a developing story.


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