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PDK teases fan in anticipation of Grateful album

Its coming alright, but for now, here is our previous albums.

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In anticipation of their 12th studio album to be titled Grateful, PDK has been teasing their fans with a mini throwback on their Instagram feed. The trio is yet to shed more light with regards to the album except for the fact that it is coming out this year and the title.

The trip back in time was done through the trio posting their cover works of previous albums. The smart marketing move has had a lot of their fans engaging and the nostalgia playing with their feelings and some of them pleading with the singers to drop the album already.

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Remember the first born which track was your favorite

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Which song was the one in Child number 2

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Than came number 3

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The previous albums include Skoko, Paantu, Emanya, Kombingaaku, Odjuulufi, Moko, Fiyotakushi, Kulupa Nayo, Kekaku Kem’pu, Odikwa.
The group has been making music for over 10 years. They first started off as dancers and were known as the Action Boys to Action Geez.

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While in high school they would perform at beauty pageants and talent shows and become popular for their vibrant dancing moves. Despite PDK being tightly lipped about their Grateful, we will keep waiting because we know of all the hot songs to come out of it.


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