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PDK’s Saka hits a million views

By Jeoffrey Mukubi

PDK’s ‘Saka’ music video recently joined the ranks of Top Cheri’s ‘Calling Heaven’, Gazza’s ‘Brandewyn’, One Bloods ‘Warakata’ and Young T’s N.F.N.O and Andiende by reaching a million views on YouTube.

The group is particularly happy about reaching the views organically.

The song featured King Elegant, Top Cheri, and Athawise. Only a few Namibian artists have reached this huge milestone which goes to show that although the country only has a little over 2.5 million people, more and more people are accessing the internet and turning to Digital Streaming Platforms to find their favorite musicians. Some artists came out and congratulated the afro-pop group, including Top Cheri.

“Congratulations to the Gang for hitting 1 million views … I will never forget how I took almost 100 tots of water for a perfect scene,” she wrote on her Twitter.