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PDK’s Saka tops Trace Djouba chart

PDK’s Saka music video lands on one of Africa’s biggest music charts.

Having produced one of the best music videos in the country for the year, PDK seems to be chasing the stars and we love them for it. The trio whose music video has done wonderfully on YouTube garnering support from the whole public and getting over 100 thousand views within it’s the first week has broken another record of their own.

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Recently, the music video topped charts on Trace Djouba, making it another milestone for the Grateful album makers. Djouba is the Official African Chart that plays the Top 30 biggest hits on the continent with influences of Francophone, Anglophone and Lusophone Africa. The show plays in Southern, Eastern and Western Africa and is also open to TRACE viewers in Europe, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean. Speaking on the achievement, PDK says they appreciate Trace for the honour.

“We appreciate Trace Africa and Trace Urban and honored to play on Djouba, that’s an official African chart on trace urban, not top ten Trace chart but African chart. not everybody makes it there. So thanks to everyone who played a part in making this a successful and overachieving project. PDK is Grateful, ” they said.

To date, the Saka video has over 269K views that increase on a daily. PDK, however, say this is only the beginning as they have bigger plans for their visuals.

“We are chasing to be on Channel O as well but our biggest focus is increasing the YouTube Chanel views, ” they said.