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Peacemakers create Cosmic Womb comic book

By Jeoffrey Mukubi

Kid Wasabi and Sonny Vision who form an alternative rap group called Peacemakers are taking storytelling through music to the next level as they have released snippets of a comic book that will be attached to their soon to debut album titled ‘Cosmic Womb’.

The story is about two space travelers Kid Wasabi and Sonny Vision who get lost on a planet called ‘Retro Space during a routine space mission and encounter a peculiar female called NOVA. Setting the tone for the intergalactic world, the duo must navigate to make it back home and their main purpose is to retrieve data from different planets.

The Comic Book is designed by South African illustrator and cartoonist Yolk who puts their story into even greater perspective. “ Nova is just a fictional character based around the whole concept of Cosmic Womb and we decided to do this just so our story in cartoon form can be more relatable,” Kid Wasabi said.

He also said that the main reason behind starting a comic book is because no one is doing it in Namibia and they are overly obsessed with being pioneers with everything they do. “We do our own type of music, art covers and that makes us stay inventive and ahead of the game,” Kid Wasabi said.

The Peace Makers founded by Kid Wasabi and Sonny Vision was established in 2015 when both of them were still in high school at Jan Mohr. After five years of working together, their discography includes four projects titled ‘Peace Makers and Sound Vapours’ and ‘Flight School’ which were both recorded in 2016 and ‘Merose’ as well as ‘Love Me On My Bad Days’ in 2018.

Their first two singles titled ‘Overtime’ and ‘Wes Craven’ were mere stepping stones into creating their now anticipated album titled Cosmic Womb. They shot ‘Overtime’ with high profile director Reggie Zaire. “It was our very first music video, and to do it with a director like Reggie was even more exciting and we saw how much goes into shooting a music video,” Kid Wasabi said.

They used well known nude activist Julia Hango as a muse for their second single. “We were totally blown away by how everything matched and if you watch both video’s now, they are timeless and that’s what we want to create. Both videos gave us so much perspective on how to create,” he said.

2021 will be a busy year for the group as they will be releasing Cosmic Womb which has been in the works for the past three years as well as physical copies of the comic book.


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