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Pelican Café aimed to bringing life to the city

Here is all you need to know about the new spot by young people for young people.

 Young entrepreneurs have taken their destiny in their own hands and have embarked on bringing life to the city for all target groups. Pelican Café was introduced to an intimate group over the weekend, bringing excitement to those who have a zest for the night life.

At the launch, managing partner, Simon Samuel stressed the importance of creating a healthy social life that allows the youth and working class to network and create job opportunities for start-ups. “We are proud to say that we currently employ twenty eight vibrant staff that are hungry for the job market. This varies from ground staff, chefs, waiters/tresses and managers. We look forward to creating a home away from home experience for those that come here.” Samuel said.

Founder of Poiyah Media Ilke Platt, wore two hats being the executive marketing director for Pelican Café. “When Poiyah Media was approached to do public relations and communications for Pelican Café, we grabbed the opportunity to partner up. With this joint venture, this allows our business personalities to have their own residence here. This partnership was inevitable and in the best interest for all parties involved,” she announced.

In house fashion designers including well renowned brand, Synergy will be Pelican Café’s residential fashion house alongside its residential hosts Che the Goddess and Paul Da Prince. Che hosted the event with elegance and grace and applauded the team for bringing such synergy into the industry.

Platt further expressed the concern of various platforms for corporates, older generation which are included in their selective play list throughout the week at Pelican Café. “What happened to the good old days when you would hear classics from Lenny Williams or Teddy Pendergrass on the dance floor? We want that back, we want to cater to the old school and reminisce with great music and food. We need to be mindful that today’s music does not only revolve around the Billboard top 100 but those classics that made you fall in love,” she said. Kizomba nights, student nights and ladies’ nights will be reintroduced by in house DJ’s such as the Turntable King K Boz,” she concluded.

The variety of music, niche environment setup will set Pelican Café aside from the rest. With selected business personalities making use of this venue as their in house.



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