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Perseverance scores KalloOnTheBeat 11 nominations

We are barely told about how many times they didn’t give up or the setbacks they have endured but their successes. Today producer Setrick Dantu well known as KalloOnTheBeat takes us through what made him who he is today.

If there is anything that 11 years of consistently producing music have taught award-nominated producer KalloOnTheBeat is to keep going. The renowned producer who is usually the one behind the scenes, making killer beats and mastering music for musicians across the country including Adora, Kalux, Berthold, Mulberry says his hard work is paying off and the proof is in the pudding.

The rather humble KalloOnTheBeat says it’s all about one believing in their work and having the patience to let it speak for itself.

“ I prefer for the product to speak itself when you focus on being rewarded you might lose yourself on the way,” he says.

In the recently announced NAMAs 2020 nominations, KalloOnTheBeat has been nominated in over eight categories with songs of six artists and 11 nominations in total. Asked if he plans on getting into other ventures apart from music, KalloOnTheBeat says not in a million years.

“Music will always be part of me, the thought of giving up has/will never be an option. As you have seen the stats on the nomination, I’m doing pretty well for the nation.”

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