Home PICTURES: MHWN brings hundreds together

PICTURES: MHWN brings hundreds together

A large number of people in Windhoek took it to the streets to show support and march towards Mental Health in Namibia.

The event was dedicated to improve the quality of life of those living with mental illness by the means of education, denouncing bullying, denouncing dedagotory terms which are used against those living with mentall illnesses.

The event was also dedicated to advocate for acceptance and respect to those living with mental illnesses. MHAW (Mental Health Awareness Walk) organisers Nikki Shiyagaya, Freeda Lerato and Nashya Dunaiski would like the Mental Health Awareness Walk to be an annual event that will provide a nationally recognized voice for people living with mental illnesses and their families.

The planning of this event is under the premide that in Namibia Mental health is not given enough attention to, it is important that mental health crisis in Namibia is given the necessary spotlight and will hopefully assist the public at large seeinf it in an entirely new light.

MHAW creates a safe space for participants to discuss, share and unpack their experiences will mental illness and stigma in Namibia in a safe, environmentally friendly manner.
One down, 11 more to go.

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