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PICTURES: Reinhard Mahalie’s crown birthday extravaganza!

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Stylist and personality Reinhard Mahalie celebrated his birthday in style at the Windhoek Palm Hotel and it was nothing but an unforgettable event.

Mahalie who turned 27 said that he wanted to celebrate all his achievements that he has never popped champagne for over the past 27 years and that is why he went big. Stating the fact that he isn’t one keen on parties, he decided to host one for his crown birthday.

“Winning the ASFA Stylist of the Year Southern Africa 2016, being the most nominated Namibian Fashion Stylist. I graduated last year on my birthday with my bachelors degree in Journalism and Communication Technology but didn’t celebrate and also it was an opportunity to thank and be appreciative of the people that added value to my life over the past 27 years,” he said.

Although it was a lavish party, it was rather an intimate one with only childhood friends, family and some of the who’s and who’s in the entertainment industry including Jay Aeron, Rumano, Y’Cliff, Sean K and Raiza Kweyo who was the MC to mention a few.


Draped in a black and gold cut suit, the stylist said he styled himself for his extravagant birthday dinner. Reinhard also had a five-tier scrumptious cake and the guests were treated to a great evening with great drinks and entertainment.


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