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Police not investigating Desert Summer Festival case

The Namibian police this afternoon said that they are not investigating a case of robbery as organiser Regto David only notified them about the stolen money.

David issued a statement this weekend that he had opened a criminal case with the Namibian police after a vehicle containing money made from the recently ended Desert Summer Festival was allegedly broken into.


This comes after the organiser have been accused of failing to pay artists who performed during the Desert Summer Festival. Police spokesperson Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi, however, said this morning that the report made was an Occurrence Book matter which means the police was only notified about something that took place.

“If he wants the matter to be investigated then he must go back and open a criminal case and the police will issue him a CR number,” she said.

David told unwrap.online that he will indeed return to the police and follow up with them.

” The police officer in charge on 26 December just gave us that case number. We want justice. We lost everything,” he said.

Meanwhile, artists have come out in their numbers claiming that he was dishonest and shady from the beginning. One artist Shady said when they had asked him for an upfront payment for her performance he had excuses.


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