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#PureRomance : How to deal with a 2-minute man

Have you ever been with a man that checks out all the boxes, except one?

I’m talking about a man who treats you like the queen you are. Imagine a man who is  chivalrous, considerate, romantic, respectful, loving, spiritual, communicates well, he prioritizes you, and could even come in that “Denzel” package (handsome, and charming), but then there’s just that one thing…. he only last 10-30 seconds in between the sheets!

There are good men out there,  who have qualities out of a romantic novel, add on, his mother likes you, your mother likes him, he’s generous (spoils you rotten), he’s  attentive, and his 5 year plan is already in motion. I mean ladies, this man is mentally and emotionally stimulating, BUT HE CAN’T KEEP IT UP. 

Some women would leave this man if not cheat on him, but unbeknown to most women, pure romance has UP ALL NIGHT! this is a prolonging cream applied to the penis and testicles that slows him down long enough for you to ORGASM!!! 

Imagine that, a man who checks out all the boxes! Like a good friend once said, “Don’t allow hunger in your bedroom, lest you visit the neighbours for ‘meals’. ” Don’t cheat, make it work with what you have.

There’s a little pure romance for everyone.


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