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#PureRomance: oral sex- tis the season of giving

How do you feel about giving oral favours or oral sex or giving head? I call it a favour instead of a job because you don’t get paid for it.

Ladies, we are all different in that some love the taste of semen and can swallow it, whilst some won’t attempt to lick a penis because it’s disgusting. 

Of all the conversations I’ve ever had with women, the biggest problem to giving oral favours is that, the taste of semen is unbearable. 7/ 10 women would rather not give head but they do anyway because they love their partners and do not want to come off as selfish.

Most women that have attended my presentations shared that what made it even harder to give oral favours is that they would gag when attempting to deep throat a penis. 

Think of call girls or porn stars… if you’ve ever sneak peaked or watched in full (no judgement), you would have noticed that the women and men in those videos give oral sex for much longer and they can deep throat a penis (no matter the length and size). The ladies I’ve had this conversations with will , have further argued that call girls and porn stars have had years of experience to master these type of tricks. Would you agree?

Pure Romance has a “trick-in-a-tube” called GREAT HEAD!!! You apply a pea sized amount on your tongue and palate. What Great Head does, is coat your mouth with flavour to help with the taste of semen in your mouth, so now you can give HEAD for a little longer than usual, and it relaxes the throat muscles so you can deep throught without gagging! 

Foreplay with great head will have you waking the neighbours.. it holiday season, and it’s a time for GIVING (great head)! 


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