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#PureRomance: The Beginning

It’s been almost three years, come December, since my journey with Pure Romance began Empowering, Educating and Exciting women (over 18) on bedroom and relationship enhancement. I’ve grown from presenting once a month to being fully booked (2-3 presentations every weekend), almost every weekend.

Namibian women seem conservative-ish until they’ve had a chance to listen to what pure romance entails. Out of the hundreds of women that I’ve met on my journey, it still amazes me to experience how liberal the Namibian woman truly is.

I remember the first month I started, I pitched a few bedroom enhancement products to a friend. Her then (holier-than-thou) response was that she didn’t want anything to do with my dirty, “fifty shades of grey” shananigans. I was so discouraged but I kept going, gaining experience, and much-needed motivation and confidence along the way. 3 years later and the same friend (who shall remain beloved and nameless) is one of my biggest clients after her sugar daddy went broke and left her. She now has a boyfriend of her own, thanks to BASIC INSTINCT! The basic instinct is a pheromone, and best used as a sex attractant. It enhances one’s natural scent, which is what attracts the next person to you. I never leave home without it. Pheromes have a naturally calming effect and there’s nothing sexier than a calm woman amidst the chaos thrown at us in the world.

Remember ladies: “How you smell is better than how you look.”

Ladies, catch me on UnWrap, next Friday, as I give you tips on what to use, how to use, and when to use a little pure romance, to help catch and keep your man (or woman).


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