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#PureRomance the power of lube

It’s our first article this year and I’m excited to pick up where we left off!

Q: Fact or Fiction? “Lubricants are only for Vaginal dryness.”

A: Fiction! Fact is, lubricants make intimacy more pleasurable and satisfying!

So I’m waiting in line at the pharmacy yesterday, and there’s a middle-aged (mid 30s -early 40s) woman in front of me at the till. I didn’t mean to be nosy but I saw her holding one of those flavoured durex lubricants, a pack of condoms and a small bag of mints. She hurriedly paid for her items and left.

I thought to myself, how admirable the modern woman is! Most importantly, she was taking ownership of the fact that Safe Sex is her responsiblity too by purchasing the items mentioned herself. “What a great time to be alive”, they say. 

Have you ever noticed how when most people buy condoms and lubricants, they don’t ask questions. Well, it doesnt help that these items are also placed where everyone can see (just near the till on a small display). I’m sure there are those that already know exactly what they want but when it comes to lubrication, its advisable to know the difference.

Just like you have pumps for church, heels for work and sneakers for gym, you also have different lubricants.

At Pure Romance we provide three types of lubricants:

  1. Just Like Me: Water-based Lubricant

This is a personal lubricant with a unique re-wetting formula, and it mimics a woman’s natural moisture 

It’s good for day-to-day use.

  1. Pure Pleasure: Silicon-based Lubricant

This is highly concentrated and is better used for your “6-6” (e.g all night sex lasting more than 2-3 rounds) endeavours. This is also ideal for anal play. 

  1. Playful-edible lubricants (new exciting flavors available)

Whipped: this is a creamy-edible lubricant, perfect for c-rings and pleasure sleeves (Hand jive). 

Sensations: this is a warming lubricant. Its activated by friction or warm breath. It heats up where its applied and its edible. 

There’s nothing more irritating than having sex the whole night and having a burn when you pee in the morning, use lubricants, more importantly, use the correct lubricants.  

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