Home News Rapper Phred Got 1 speaks up on baby dumping

Rapper Phred Got 1 speaks up on baby dumping

Local rapper Phred Got 1 gave his two cents on a current social issue regarding baby dumping saying more needs to be done for young girls who find themselves having to make such decisions.

Phred Got 1 says that the girls who resort to dumping their babies do not do it because they hate them but because of the situations they find themselves.
Phred Got 1 shared a heartfelt tweet where be addressed the issue and his concerns.

“Doubt that young girls baby dump after going through labour alone coz they hate babies. No. Our girls are raped by relatives & fall pregnant. Our girls are out there right now, pregnant & afraid for their lives. Instead of just wanting to stone them, let’s find a way to assist,” read his post.

The rapper had people share the same sentiments who retweeted the post as well as share their opinions on the matter.


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