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Rappers not happy with Get Rich

Local rapper Get Rich had most of his colleagues within the industry bothered about the attention he has been getting so far. Rapper Kwame Sankarra made it known to the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) that he was not delighted that they interviewed the rapper on Good Morning Namibia on Friday morning, 18 January 2019.

My Nigga Get Rich

Sankarra took to social media and posted a video directing insults at Get Rich on Facebook. “First of all, n*ggers how the f*ck do you Get Rich or whatever the f*ck that n*gger name is on TV?  Ya’ll got that n*gger early on TV in the morning scaring the kids of the TV with his bigg a** chaings and stupid English,” he fumed on the video.

According to Kwame he is tired of Get Rich and does not want to see him on TV anymore. He argued that there are people with better talent than Get Rich who should be on the spotlight at NBC. “We don’t want that n*gger on TV scaring the kids. This is national television, you mother*ckers got Get Rich there while there are young kids who got talent who could be there on Good Morning Namibia but you clowns got Get Rich there, making him look like he is doing something serious,” he said.

Soon after Sankarra’s post other rappers took to social media also sharing their disappointment with NBC about their interview with Get Rich. J Black said that the interview of Get Rich on NBC painted a horrible picture of local hip hop. “Get lich is cancelled. Kwame said we cancelling him today, so now his cancelled…and on the real, stop making hip hop look bad.  Give artists who can articulate themselves properly a fair chance, The Joke is over now,” he posted on his social media. He questioned the sanity of Get Rich and suggested people should not entertain him and should rather get him help.

Afrikaans rapper, Wambuseun was the voice of reason when everyone else was taking shots at Get Rich. Wambuseun said he respected Get Rich’s marketing strategies and pleaded with other rappers not to mock him. With many rappers calling Get rich a talentless artist, Wambuseun disagreed. “What makes Get Lich a wack artist? Please let’s have this conversation…I would really want to give my two cents,” he posted on Facebook.

We do not know where your support lies in this whole situation but what we would want to know is what Get Rich thinks of this whole shade he has been receiving from other rappers.

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