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Ras Petu wants his 30 seconds of fame

 Pricilla Mukokobi

Reggae musician Ras Petu has made a passionate plea for his 30 seconds of fame. The established Ras Petu asked that reggae musicians be recognised and their craft be given a fair chance, like any other genre celebrated in the industry.

The artist who is well known for featuring in Gazza’s classic hit ‘Tanauka’ laments that life is not a bed of roses for those in the Reggae genre. “The state of reggae is not straight forward. Reggae is an art of words, sound and power,” he said.

Ras Petu, however, admits that although it has been a rocky journey for his musical career he has always had a strong support system. “My brother man Gary Dread, Fari Dread, Ras Isaac and many others have kept the fire burning,” he stated.

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Ras Petu further narrates that due to his full time work and a lot of other commitments music has become a part time job for him. He has worked on projects with the Gazza Music Production (GMP), Welwitschia music Production and Steven Naruseb.

Having been in the industry since the 90s Ras Petu is working on a new album. “The album will be released later this year. It will be a mixture of Afrikaans roots, dub and dance hall produced by different producers. However, for some reason most songs will not be featured,” he said.

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