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Reeziana gets vocal on road accidents

Reeziana being vocal via social media on the importance of knowing the rules on the road and exposes fake learning license schemes.

Namibian Annual Music Awards winner in the category of Best Afrikaans, Reeziana Naris, stage name Reeziana, took to social media to speak on how the high accident rates in Namibia is associated with schemes where drivers obtain fake learner licenses and the overall danger it imposes.

“People don’t know the road signs and meaning they keep breaking them,” the rapper and songwriter posted on her Facebook.

Car accident’s being reported is almost a weekly news story coverage. Namibian motor vehicle-related accidents have been sky rocking, especially during the public holidays, which have caused the rise of many campaigns such as The Festive Season Road Safety Campaign 2018-2019 to control these rising figures. In fact, close to 4 000 people died and 38 908 were injured in 23 072 vehicle accidents since 2014 according to Namibian Police’s major general, Oscar Embubulu.

The situation is so severe that in 2014 the World Health Organisation (WHO) ranked Namibia first in the world of the number of road related deaths.

Namibia is known for its excellent road infrastructure, so the cause of road fatalities is mostly blamed on bad driver attitude and what Reeziana brought to light via post contributes to these alarming statistics. With the Festive Season around the corner this post could not have been posted at a better time.


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