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Retracing Namibia’s forgotten stars

By: Julia Heita and Frédéric Buchane 

Namibia has seen the rise and fall of many talented artists over the years, many go under the radar for years and leave fans and critics clueless.  

So, if you have been wondering what some of your favourites have been up to over the years and outside the industry look no further as unwrap.online has the scoop for you.


Tunakie, real name Maria Tuna-Omukwathi Uushona is one of Namibia’s young, popular and respected cultural, traditional and inspirational artists. In her music approach, Tunakie goes back to her roots and discovers the beautiful melodies of Namibia’s cultural and traditional music, and takes them to the modern times by introducing modern instruments and making her music more modern, but yet remaining true to Namibian culture and tradition.

Ekalanyana remains 1 of the best songs she ever released.

“Every time I perform till now, 1 or more people ask me to perform it again,” she said.

Tunakie said that she performs when she gets gigs and that she hasn’t released a new album in a while because she feels she didn’t do enough promotion on her last album.

“I have been very busy with my hair and beauty salon business, but I will be releasing an album mid next year and I should have a single out before the end of this year,” said Tunakie.

She advised upcoming artists to always believe in themselves and never allow anybody to tell them not to follow their dreams.

“I was told that the type of music I do will never take me anywhere but look at me now, I have been performing all over the world and winning awards especially because of the type of music I’m doing,” she concluded.

Kuku Kandanga

Kwaito artist OmZoo who takes on the character artist Kuku Nkandanga is

portrayed as an old man, with a white and black beard, in an old blazer and a hat.

Shambo is a genre that is popular across Namibia, although you don’t hear new artists exploring the possibilities within this traditional music.

Nkandanga certainly stepped up to the plate and revived the genre with a modern twist 

According to sources Kuku Nkandanga took a break from music in 2016 to give himself a breather and started releasing from in 2017.

He released ‘Ondonga – Uukwanyama’ sees Nkandanga teaming up with Young T, a collaboration that proved to be fruitful as the featured artist’s vocals fit perfectly with this style of music.

A slower addition to the tracklist, this song is one of the outstanding ones on the project.

Tekla Iita aka Tequila

Tekla Iita better known as Tequila is one of Namibia’s most gifted vocalists. Tekla started her career as a featuring artist appearing on Sunny Boy’s sophomore breakthrough hit single “Serious”, for his debut album Young, Black en Gifted. Her appearance on the song brought her more attention, as she began getting popular. 


In, 2012 she was nominated in 6 categories at for the Namibian Annual Music Awards of which she won 5, including “Best Female Artist of the Year”.

Tequila said she took a break from the industry because she had a lot on her plate but that doesn’t mean that she’s gone forever.

“Music is part of who I am I could never just completely walk away from it,” she said.

Tekla said her best song may not be the most popular song but she loves it.

“It’s titled HUSTLE it’s in the GOLDEN SUNSET album, it’s all about being a strong woman and a go-getter.

Boli Mootseng

Namibian Musician and producer Boli Mootseng has been in the industry for over ten years.

Most of his songs have vernacular lyrics as well as a comedic spin to it.

Mootseng has always been in the industry as he is not one to shy away from the public eye but as of late, he has been working behind the scenes in various aspects of production

He released a song in 2019 titled “Sisa Namandje He Got The law In His Bank Account” which takes aim at one of Namibia’s top law Attorneys Sisa Namandje.

Mootseng says the song was recorded due to how he felt that Namandjes involvement in the “Fishrot” case was Outrages.

“He is supposed to protect the people and he does this! I just thought it was poetic justice”

Mootseng advises that the industry is not a place for impressing people, it takes funds to have a music career as well as to maintain it for studio time and other expenses 

When asked about the impact of the lockdown on his career, Mootseng says that he is inspired to work and due to public demand he is working on his debut studio album.

“With people who like my work and social commentary they have been pressure for me to release an album because people tell me I can do it so I am looking forward to the returns and feedback”.

Mootseng believes that as an artist one needs to get organized in order to get the basics.

“The lockdown is a time for artists to evaluate their lives and take their careers seriously,” says Mootseng.

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