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Rose Bimpe launches kids clothing boutique

After what her brand manager called great planning and months of preparing, popular child actress and now kidprenuer Rose Bimpe has launched a kids clothing boutique.

The Boutique is based in Johannesburg, South Africa where she is currently based but will ship goods to Namibia and elsewhere. Rose relocated from her home Namibia country last year in search of greener pastures and with the hope of growing her brand.

“Our child actress and kid model Rose Bimpe are passionate about acting and from the day she showed her interest, never have we ever done anything apart from supporting her….Financially, emotionally, physically, spiritually… she had support since day one,” said Rose’s brand manager Ayanda Mpawe in a response to Unwrap’s query about the new development.

Her momager, who lives with her also told Unwrap that after discussing with Rose , her team decided to start a kids boutique inspired by her personal style of which the profits will be used to fund her career all the way up and investing to grow her brand and business, respectively.

“As a start, the Rose Bimpe Kids Boutique will continue sourcing the best and most stylish kids outfits from world class designers for children between ages 2 to 12. In future, we plan to work with our own designers for #RoseBimpeKidsBrand branded stuff, ” she said.

According to her, while Rose is talented, to take an acting career up requires money and so is to grow a brand. Because, for three years now her career has been solely funded by her mother, who is her sole legal parent and a single mother mother, they saw it right her brand stands on its own.

“I think we have come to a point where the Rose Bimpe Brand ia growing by day. And during our survey on Instagram, many of Rose’s over 14k IG followers indicated they would support the idea and we are grateful. Plus 2020 we always planned to make her brand profitable because it deserves it, we believe.

“I really appreciate each and everyone for supporting AN AFRICAN CHILD WITH A GLOBAL DREAM,” said Bimpe.

Those who want to see available stock and order can WhatsApp:
+27 66 076 9874 and we will courier their products to Namibia and elsewhere.

“Rose loves style and uniqueness and so are many kids. Yet most boutiques only cater for adults and not kids. We want to change the game,” added Tuhafeni Davids, her mother.


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