Home Entertainment Sally Boss Madam to host free show at Rundu

Sally Boss Madam to host free show at Rundu

Sally Boss Madam fans are in for a great performance as the singer is booked for a free show at Rundu’s New World chill spot on Saturday.

Sally Boss Madam’s manager and husband Kbozz said the reason for the free show was so that Sally’s Rundu fans could get up close and personal with fans without having to pay too much money. He said that the singer understands the country is going through financial crises and fans sacrifice a lot to see her perform and thus she wanted to return the favour by performing for free.

Kbozz explained that fans normally spend money on food and drinks when they go out to shows and that’s is why they opted not to charge fans at the gate to see Sally Boss Madam perform.

“It all comes down to what the show organisers wanted. The organisers did not want to charge the event goers at the gate because they wanted them to spend the money on food and drinks and we thought it was a good idea because we get to interact and offer entertainment to our fans,” said Kbozz.

Kbozz who is also one of Namibia’s most celebrated producers said Sally Boss Madam fans should be prepared to be blown away her performance. “It’s going to be an amazing show, her fans will get to witness the old Sally they know but with a better formula,” he said.


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