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Salute now available on YouTube

Grab the popcorn! You can now watch Salute! In the comfort of your house for free.

If you have always wanted to catch the Namibian film Salute! This is your chance to do so and with your family. This afternoon, the director of OYO Philippe Telavera announced that the film is made available for free as a contribution from the organisation to flatten the COVID-19 curve by encouraging people to stay at home.

In a caption, the organisers said:

‘Salute!’ is live! As part of our contribution to Cinema Lockdown, you can now watch ‘Salute!’ online. We still don’t recommend it for children under the age of 16. Enjoy this film that has won Best Actor Southern Africa (Adriano Visagie, Sotigui Awards, Burkina Faso), Best Half Length Film (Five Continent International Film Festival, including special mentions to Adriano Visagie, Odile Gertzee and Monray Garoeb) and that was nominated as Best Film Southern Africa at the AMVCA 2018.

The movie portrays actor Adriano Visagie as Carlito, a young Namibian man who is sentenced to five years imprisonment because of fraud. Nothing can prepare him for his new life in custody. Naïve, he gets lured into the group of the General (Monray Garoeb), a dangerous criminal who rules over his cell.


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