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The Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) opened their last chapter after ten years with a virtual show last week.

According to the organisers, the idea is to run the money-spinning awards in a matter of weeks, with winners being announced in batches.

This, organisers argue is in line with the virtual format as well as to abide by the new normal of restricted audiences to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Among those that walked away with awards last weekend are Sally, and Adora Kisting. 

While these two are hard-working artists and have serious audiences, making them house household names in the Namibian music industry, their prowess last weekend is somewhat a NAMAs cliché.

This has been a trend in the past ten years, you name them; Gazza, Exit, King Tee Dee, D-Naff, Liz Ehlers, Big Ben, and many more big names who have won big at the NAMAs before. 

When big names win, they win big at the NAMAs, and when small names lose they lose big at the same event. 

Such is the same old NAMAs cliché that might die with the awards. 

The NAMAs are by far the best thing to ever happen to the music industry in a decade somewhat become synonymous with the same old, same old.

Rarely do the awards in their decade tenure create new heroes and big surprises in terms of winners and sometimes presenters.

When it happens, it happens but normally it doesn’t, hence the phrase rare new heroes. 

There is always that surprise element that remains untapped at the NAMAs, and perhaps will never be tapped as the celebrated awards say adios this year. 

Yes, Sally won, but well did many really expect her to lose with the type of competition around her that seemed more a walk in the park in the category she contested?

“I didn’t expect to win this award not because I don’t believe that my song is a worthy contender but because I believe that competition was tough,” Sally said – a similar quote that fans have become synonymous with.  


So did Adora, but well it was nothing further than the expectations. Put it this way, PDK, who have never won a NAMA before were in a strong position to win best collaboration category with their hit song Saka featuring Top Cheri, Athawise, and King Elegant. Adora scooped it. 

One would go on and say presenter Pombili Shilongo was looking absolutely stunning on the stage while presenting, but then again, who else was there?

Shilongo has somewhat become synonymous with these awards over a period of time, of course, she is stunning on the mic, but then again is she the only one? Are there no others out there who can do the same?

Those are questions many will not have the privilege of answering now but will linger in memories and perhaps will be thought-provoking enough for the organisers to also unveil new gems.

 Ironically, the future seems to be nothing to talk about if the announcement that the NAMAs train takes a permanent dock this season.

The awards have also been synonymous with the same other presenters among them the radio goddess Che Ulenga, Ashwin Mberi, Paul Da Prince,  and many more while closing the gap for untapped new exciting voices.

Fair to say that these untapped voices never audition but then again fair enough too to say they do exist. 

Aside from these small clichés created over the years, the NAMAs are indeed a pinnacle of the music industry and indeed a pat on the back is deserved for organisers and sponsors of the past ten years.

One hopes though, that as the drama unfolds with more announcements in the few episodes coming in a few weeks, the NAMAs do not take their bow out without at least surprising the Namibian audience and indeed the music industry with new heroes.

Time will tell, and curiosity will be killing many cats in the next few weeks as avid fans watch closely for their music heroes and indeed the birth of the new ones.

SAME OLD SAME OLD: NAMAs presenters that have been in the game over the years. 

PHOTOS: Contributors 


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