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Samuele new song, new brand and a new genre

Evolving to find a sound that is just perfect for you.

Change is inevitable and if there is one entertainer who can attest to that it is Samuele Ngodji. Previously known as Qonja Ndodji the musician who is known for his lyrical abilities dropped a hit track last week titled Omfenu featuring DJ Tengu, his new producer.

Samuele’s last release was the album wealthy Government. Going for a new sound as opposed to his Koek n Jam days and completely different from Wealthy Government too, his up and coming new project will reveal a new sound and side of the creative.

” He has been quiet because he was busy working on a new feel and he finally did and he wants to know from the public how it is,” says Abed Jona.

The song is house vibe song Omfenu is currently out and is ready for streaming and requesting. If the rest of the album is like this then we have ourselves another hit project from the stunner!


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