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Se Otwaya hitmaker Karlos Lokos makes a comeback


By Jeoffrey Mukubi 

Legendary singer and songwriter Karlos Lokos has come out of the shadows and decided to rejoin the mainstream music industry. Making a debut at the last Night Around the Fire event in Rundu last year, his musical absence had definitely been felt not only by his diehard fans but the public as well ever since he stopped being a mainstream artist. 

Speaking to unWrap.online recently the ex Dungeon Family member Karlos Lokos said that he did not take a break, as music has been part of his life. The Ihaishunako singer says the reason why he was not in the mainstream scene for the past 10  years, is because he moved out of the city. 

“I moved to Grootfontein then to Otjiwarongo for work in the health sector and I think that’s what made the difference to my position in life. It is not practical to make it as a full-time artist in Namibia,” Karlos said. 

The chorus killer who is to drop an album from his music recorded collection this year also mentioned that during his hiatus he started to play an instrument.

 “I always wanted to play the guitar since I was a child and around 2010 and 2011, I started going for guitar classes and that changed everything. You know when you play an instrument, it’s like there are songs in you and ideas come to you naturally and very easy, that is why I chose afro soul,” he said. 

Furthermore, he says that changing the type of music he makes does not reflect the person he is, but everyone musical process is different. 

“There is a lot in the music industry that people don’t talk about it, like artists recording albums and things don’t work out so they end up not finishing the albums. I am not as limited as I have my own setup. I am working with a young producer who is very good and has great interpersonal skills.” 

Although his most recent collaborations were with the likes of Satlam as well as Exit and Mushe, Karlos has finally released a single which is complemented with a music video on YouTube titled ‘Esiku Limwe’ and with this, he plans to pursue international fame.

 “It has always been my dream to sort of extent my art abroad because I know the market for the type of music I do is not here, it is probably out there,” he concluded.

BACK AT IT: Karlos I back like he never left.

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