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Shady Blacc self proclaimed king of the south

Afrikaans rapper talks about the past and new single “JohnSnow”.


Shady Blacc says he is ready to overthrow SMan from his thrown as the King of the South. All of these emotions were starred and triggered as from way back in 2007 the year he started working with SMan. At that time, Shady Blacc says he was in a music group called YoungBlood alongside 3 of his friends. He says back then he entrusted himself to be surrounded with SMan with hope that he would help them as artists but that didn’t happened at all. He continues by saying he lost work while under SMan’s management including an album that was recorded with the group and a music video that was never released. “SMan blocked me from getting their shine”.

The artist further says his dignity wasn’t taken serious as an artist back then and today he his ready to take over the title that rightfully belongs to him. Whatever happened between SMan and Shady back then isn’t clear and there’s rather a jumpy situation only known by the two of them.

Unwrap.online spoke to SMan just to clarify what Shady Blacc said and he confirmed that he indeed helped the group called Young Blood back then, but never recorded an album with them whatsoever.

Apart from what happened in the past, Shady Blacc’s dropped his new single JohnSnow was inspired and came about from the series Game Of Thrones. The Afrikaans rapper explains that “when rappers rap about their success, we include our jewellery be it necklaces and watches just to mention a few” and in his chorus he raps by saying he wants a chain on his neck made out of snow, which resembles the ice in Game of Thrones. Basically the whole song he expresses himself and talks about his past.

When asked by Unwrap.online what the nation can expect from Shady Blacc next, the rapper says “within the winter, my mixtape is dropping entitled FlowSZN featuring Marcus, C- Hype and Nasty_C just to name a few.

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