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Shitana- nine albums and counting

Being one of the most played artists in jukeboxes in northern Namibia and beyond, Lieutenant Shitana has recently blessed his fans and music lovers with his ninth album.

Titled Shingulu Nande Mukosha which translates to you can wash a pig but it will still get dirty. Shitana says he tilted his album based on a general assumption.

“ It speaks to colonisation and other historical lessons that still prevail, to what the state does as well ad people. You can try to make a change in people, the system but it still remains the same. Hence you can wash a pig but it will still get dirty,” he stated.

The new album like his previous consist of features with new artists singling Alex Don Cha and Brown Sugar Girl. according to Shitana who has been making music since 2006, the aim is to uplift those that are coming by giving them a hand where necessary.

Due to the pandemic, Shitana says he had to print 500 CD’s as opposed to his usual 2000 and invest in online platforms. The singer says all printed copies are done however he will be launching a website to provide soft copies for his fans. Shitana who is renowned for combating piracy said his activism has paid off as there are a few incidences compared to the past.

“ Perhaps its because I have been very loud about this that’s why there are very few bars I walk in and find my albums pirated but those of my colleagues are still being highly pirated. I want to test the market further with my website as well but I urge my colleagues to join me in the fight of piracy. We have to reap 100% from what we sow,” he concluded.

Asked whether this will be his last album, Shitana says his music lovers can expect more visuals and albums in the future with his latest visuals to be expected as early as next month.


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