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Simeone Johannes: if I knew then what I know now

By Johannes Orr

Here are five facts that you will need to know before you start off in the fashion business that you might not be told.

Besides the colourful fabric glitz and glamour, there is more to fashion, the question really is are designers fully prepared for this adventure lifestyle. If only there was a handbook to guide one on the journey, Simeone Johannes founder of fashion band SynEdgy unzips those five things he wishes he knew before taking a seat behind the sewing machine. Johannes who never thought fashion would be a career admits to unwrap.online that he wish he knew before he started.


1. Fashion Industry

The industry is very demanding, emotionally, and physically. Johannes said he wished he had a handbook on how to navigate within the fashion industry while keeping his sanity but sometimes you have to hit the ground running.


2. The fame

Popularity comes with a lot of opportunists and scams, he was a victim of one of them in 2019. “I wish I had equipped myself with a better knowledge to avoid falling victim to the scams” the designer stated. A business tip from Simeone ” be vigilant and get all your business documents in order.”

3. Mental well-being

People don’t care about what you are going through, their only concern is whether or not their garment is done. It is so sad, but that’s the reality of our industry: the client first and then you. Simeone said.


4. Support

There’s so much love and appreciation. He was not aware of the amount of love and support the industry had to offer. The designer said people genuinely look up to him and have shown him so much respect.


5. Role Model

Simeone Jahannes became a role model for many at a young age. “Growing up, I thought for one to be a role model, they have to be older and experienced in life” the fashion designer stated and therefore said “that all changed when I had my peers look up to me at a very tender age of 19.


This could possibly be the page you need in order to find your way in the fashion industry of Namibia.

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