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Skrypt releases short film Careful

Skrypt has crossed over and is exploring his artistic side with the release of his short film called Careful and it features an ensemble of many other Namibian creatives such as KP Illest, Phredgot1 and Lioness.

The film exhibits amazing fusion of acting and cinematography. It’s almost like the actors have been doing films all their lives and they are not musicians. There is good chemistry and cohesion between the actors, none of the scenes in the movie come off as forced or too good to be true or cringe-worthy, they all flow and are pleasant to watch.

What amazes us is how there was good character development for many of the characters although this film is only 18 minutes long. Skrypt’s character will draw many viewers in and many of the viewers will feel sorry for him instead of anger. The premise of the film revolves around three friends, Skrypt(Vince) , KP Illest and Phredgot1 (Donnie) who plan a robbery that goes horribly wrong. Donnie heads into a shop and ends up killing a teller during a robbery gone wrong and in the process steal some money. The three friends agree to not spend the money until the drama around the robbery calms down or at least until the police stop looking for them. KP Illest’s character however ends up spending the money prematurely on luxury items, this sends the team in disarray….that’s all we can reveal for now, because spoilers are not cool.

KP Illest really handled himself well on camera and portrayed the role of his character very well, he was very funny and brought smiles on our faces throughout his scenes. Lioness plays a police officer that arrests Donnie and is on the tail of the other two characters before unpredictable things happen to them.

The cinematography and directing is visually appealing and the slow-motion edits add depth and an ambience that adds onto the regretful nature of Skrypt’s character.

At its core the short film deals with choices and how their consequences for those ones who have to make them. Careful was directed and written by Skrypt, directed by Imagination Studio. Appearances are made by other actors such as Takunda, Jasmin Louw, Ovengi Hoveka, Joster Ndengu, Jonte baddest and Uetu and Kandi.

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