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Slaughterhouse make a killing on new EP

By Jeoffrey Mukubi

Chesta House Prince, DJ Spuzza, MEGA and Txngos who are all under the Slaughterhouse music staple which is signed to Remember the Eagle (RTE) Records have surely made an effort and make music that will be on many playlists this coming festive season.

RTE and Slaughterhouse recently invited the media to their place of business for an exclusive listening session of their upcoming EP titled ‘Daar Draai Die Dinge’ which can be loosely translated into English as ‘There the things turn’. From the very first song, it was evident that the EP is one that will make you bop your head and move your feet.

The crew sat down and mostly explained how the songs came to being.
The most notable feature is undoubted with AKA on DJ Spuzza’s ‘Soek Soek Remix’. DJ Spuzza explained how in awe he was that AKA would have the nerve to go to Wambulokasi and shoot the video there. “He didn’t even have bodyguards when he arrived and walked down the street without security, that already shows you what type of person he is, especially when the narrative around him I that he is full of himself,” DJ Spuzza said. 

An additional banger of a feature is Chesta House Prince featuring another South African who has taken the industry by storm, Costa Titch on a song titled “Very Nice”.

It seems that Chesta cannot miss and has found his footing within the industry also mentioning that he kind relates to Costa Titch because of their similar entrance into the music game. “He was a dancer for Cassper Nyovest and I used to dance for Dogg, so it was not that difficult to make the song with him,” Chesta said.
MEGA mentioned that when they first signed to the music label, they all came to the studio to feel each other out and as a rapper he was taken outside of his comfort zone when they did an afro-beats song titled ‘ILA POPEPI’ with Florita, Txngos and Chesta. “I was not comfortable at first, but now it is way easier for me to jump onto anything,” said MEGA.

He’s also on one more noteworthy song with Cape Town’s very own Youngsta CPT on a song titled ‘Respek’, which he says he didn’t expect to be Youngsta’s vibe, but after hearing Youngsta’s verse he liked it. 

Other features on the #DDDD EP include EARTHTONAMI, Shana Zandile, Kimzala, Prezzy, Kurzca as well as Ompama and Greezy.

The gang reiterated that their happy and that the music simply is a reflection of them as young black men just trying to find their way in society by telling their stories through music, which is a hell of a hustle considering where they come from and how they came up.
Owner of RTE, Ennio Hamutenya told unWrap that the main reason is to sell Namibia to the world. “I have the connections and they have the talent, that makes it easier for us to sell the country and enter into the global music scene where we can be taken seriously,” he said.

All in all the #DDDD EP is one that will undeniably stand the test of time and will be remembered as one of the best projects to come out of Namibia in 2020. One can only hope RTE Records continues its groundbreaking work in the Namibian creative industry.


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