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Song Night returns with new passion and a new ambassador

Song Night is back at the Warehouse Theatre Windhoek, to revive what it has been doing since April 2011. This free platform develops upcoming singers in a mentorship program that gives free vocal and performance training with a full professional band, professional venue that includes professional sound, lights and technicians.

In 2018, Song Night took a leap of faith and took the program to the coast in Swakopmund and Walvisbay in a stint to decentralise the program. Song Night then returned to Windhoek to have performances at Imagine Games Café in a bid to reintroduce the organic style it started with eight years ago.

Song Night also started with it’s Song Night Junior program to give mentorship to singers younger than 16.

“It was tough and the changes and new venue was a breath of fresh air, but we realized how much we need the support of a professional performance venue like the Warehouse Theatre Windhoek to make Song Night work.” Lize Ehlers Song Night, founder and director.

Song Night returns to Warehouse Theatre in March 2019 with the generous support of RMB, through the First Rand Namibia Foundation Trust, with a sponsorship of N$185,000.00 in aid of paying the venue, band, MC, photographer, graphic designer and various other costs that allow Song Night to happen. Media partner, 99 FM is back on board for another year of inspiration. Equipment and rehearsal partner HEC pledged positive support for Song Night 2019.

The Song Night band has also shown their commitment and continues to mentor and accompany the singers on stage. House of Poulton will offer designs for the 2019 host Adriano Visagie, while stylist Martina Pieper will offer styling advice for the performers, local opera sensation and vocal coach Emily Dangwa, will be offering support in the vocal training department and finally, Fantastic Sam Nails Perfection also shows support towards Song Night 2019.

 “We are also extremely proud to announce that Song Night has appointed a new ambassador for the year 2019, Treza Cooper; 99 FM radio DJ by day, songwriter and singer by night. Song Night believes that Treza’s journey reflects a lot on the journeys of other Song Nighters in the past eight years. Song Night will be offering Treza a support structure in the Namibian music industry and will offer her various opportunities,” said Ehlers. 

Auditions kick off on Wednesday, 6 March at 18H00 at Warehouse Theatre with the theme Proudly Namibian.

The first show takes place on Wednesday, 27 March at 20H00 at the Warehouse Theatre, tickets can be obtained for N$100 at EventsToday or at the door. 

Song Night looks forward to a powerful year in music development and vocal performance.


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