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Standard Bank and King Tee Dee join forces for music festival

By Staff Reporter

Standard Bank and King Tee Dee promise to bring music back with Standard Bank 09 Music Festival (SB.09.MF) which will allow fans to join virtually without the fear of contracting Covid-19.

The music festival that was officially launched on Monday will take place on 25 September and promises to blow fans away.

Renowned Kwaito artist King Tee Dee, formerly known as The Dogg said they have mooted the idea for the show since last year, but the coronavirus threw a spanner it their wheels.

However, after much consultation and several back-and-forth meetings we have decided on a final date, adding that the lifting of Covid-19 regulations will be a bonus.

Standard Bank Namibia’s head of marketing said this is an exciting challenge and they eager to support King Tee Dee to bring music to Namibian people in a different and unique way.

“There is a strategy behind it. For us it is not about us leading. For Standard Bank it is about driving Namibia’s growth and Tee Dee is a 100 % Namibian product and we believe in his dreams. We think he has created such an amazing platform that existed for two years and successful and we thought to make it possible,” she said.

Tee Dee who has made quite a name for himself as an artist as well as an entrepreneur said the show will not be stopped by Covid-19 as fans will be able to attend the music bash virtually. “I think even before The Dogg retired there was a year or two that I didn’t release music. I even went five years without launching an album.

The plan from here on is to release an album of King Tee Dee. Tickets can be bought through the Standard Bank Namibia online banking platform PayPulse and all of this can be done from the comfort of your home


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