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Standard Bank launches song and visuals

Standard Bank recently created another piece of history when it launched a new song and video that captures its corporate values and creatively promising to work together with Namibians to make their dreams possible.

The recently announced new positioning of Standard Bank, under the tagline “It Can Be” Can Be brand campaign, has spawned off an initiative for the benefit of the Standard Bank employees and the people of Namibia. The song and music video was launched to staff at its head office in Kleine Kuppe on Friday, with media in attendance.

The song features 6 music artists, of which there are two of the bank’s very own, Sarita a teller from Grove Mall Branch and Dennis who is a Customer consultant. It also features Adora, Etjo, LeatherMein and Alta Ouses, who make up the artists lending their vocal talents to the music project.

The song embraces some of the various languages of Namibia including Rukwangali, Otjiherero, Oshiwambo, Damara/ Nama, Silozi as well as English and Afrikaans so that it speaks to as many people as possible.

‘’We are restoring hope and inspiring the staff, clients and the Namibian community at large that their dreams are still possible. Also, we are saying that everything you set out to do, IT CAN BE. The new song aims to inspire people to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams’’, says Magreth Mengo, Head of Marketing, Communications and CSI.

“Namibians are about song and dance. We, therefore, thought the best way to introduce our tagline to Namibia was through a song and the accompanying music video. The song also embodies our corporate values. By listening to the song and singing along, the values will embed themselves into our system as employees. Our customers and the broader Namibian public will also be able to easily understand and appreciate why we do what we do and say. We are a customer-centric institution driving the growth of Namibia. This song invites Namibia to join us on that journey,” she adds.

The bank collaborated with Pamoja Records to bring the idea to life, roping in Keynote ( from Maszanga) to produce the infectious beat. Eric Mule Productions directed the stunning music video which was shot at Standard Bank’s new head office in Kleine Kuppe and our of our branch over 3 days.

On Saturday Mall goers at Grove Mall and Wernhil Park Mall were additionally surprised by Flash Mobs with the new It Can Be song being danced to. The experience saw bystanders joining in on the dance and there were on the spot prizes handed out to people who were asked what the new slogan It Can Be meant to them, with hosts NSK and Stanley (Equipped Dance Academy) getting the mall-goers to join in on the moment.

The Believe It Can Be music video premieres today on the Standard Bank YouTube and its social media platforms. It will also be available for request on radio stations and the single is available for streaming and purchase on Donluafrica.com with the proceeds going to the Buy-a-Brick initiative.


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