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Stay- C a household name

By Eutimia Nakangombe

Georgina Barnabas is a talented makeup artist who has taken the Namibian industry by the scruff of the neck making her a household name.
Stay-C, as she is known by her legion of fans, specialises in a rare art that combines creativity and odd skills leaving many in awe.

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Which one is your favourite??

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Her optical-illusion makeup has created memories on many Namibian celebrities.
Stay-C said she draws a lot of her inspiration from international make- up artists because she feels that they have more experience in her line of work.

“I feel like they are required to have more skills in that area because they have major events such as Halloween, carnivals and you know, they have those major movie projects that require special effect makeup artists so that’s basically where I draw my inspiration from”, she said.
Having built up a following of 19.6K followers on Instagram, Stay-C wows her audience almost every day with her stunning creation.

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This nigga is crazy

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The 30 years old said her favourite piece so far is one where she drew a spider on her face and another that seemed to be crawling up her neck, how creepy is that?
Stay-C said even though no-one believed in her work, she kept on going and never looked back and now people are having a better understand that make-up is not just about putting on lashes, eyebrows on fleek and contouring.

She also added that with the announcement of the lockdown, it’s exciting to know that things will slowly but surely go back to normal at some point.
“With my line of work, which is makeup, it is a service that people don’t necessarily need at the moment because nobody is going anywhere besides work,” she said adding that, “Luckily, I have collaborations with photographers. Photographers always need makeup artists or refer you to potential clients for make-up or pregnancy body painting services.”


She added that “Makeup is about practising. You cannot call yourself a make-up artist if you constantly doing the same eye look. Have your signature make-up look, so that when someone sees your work they know it’s you.”


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