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Sunny Boy and Top Cheri arrested

Sunny Boy, Top Cheri and more other artists have been arrested for breaching lockdown regulations.

It never rains but pours for Sunny Boy who has been arrested a few minutes ago alongside, Top Cheri and many other revellers at Funky Lab for breaching lockdown regulations.

Sunny Boy and company were part of an online performance with Top Cheri, Max T, DJ Ambizzy and Manxebe. However, their luck ran short when they were rounded by the police for breaching the statutory instrument which prohibits more than ten people from congregating to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Commissioner Commanding Khomas Region Joseph Shikongo told unwrap. online exclusively that,

” yes, the name of Sunny Boy and his accomplices is among those arrested at Funky Lab for breaching lockdown regulations. I would like to warn them and many members of the public who are breaching regulations to stay at home and abide. “

He added that

“The number of people who are being picked up for such recklessness is very high and we want people to behave accordingly. We have no problem if people abide but when they do this then we have to arrest.”

unwrap.online can also confirm that the group was still held up at the central police station by 12 midnight going through the procedures.


Additional reporting: Tiri Masawi


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