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Sunny Boy releases summer single

Sunny Boy is set to release his much anticipated single “Sh’tafula” which means table in Oshiwambo, this week Friday. Over the years, the Hikwa King has added another title to his name, that of King of Summer – for releasing perfectly timed, summer-ready singles just in
time for the festive season. Who can forget one his biggest songs “Young, Wild and Free” which became a year-long party anthem.

After a quiet year in terms of performances to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sunny Boy is back with “Sh’tafula”, on which he features DJ Vuyo who also produced the song, while his longtime
collaborator Glo from Glo Studios handled the mixing and mastering. Unsurprising for Sunny Boy who’s well known for his signature strong lyricism, the song features a catchy beat, carefree lyrics
and chorus that will have the listener sing-along and busting a dance move or two.

“The idea was to mix the popular elements of Amapiano that really get people off their seats, with afro pop tunes that are so easy to recite and sing along to, and of course not forgetting maintaining hype with energetic lyrics which I’m so loved for. We believe that with this formula we won’t go wrong, but let the people listen first and give us their judgement of the new song”, said Sunny

Sunny Boy describes the song as “my interpretation of being in a lit festive mood. Given the tough year we’ve had due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the social ills that have dominated the news,
I believe this is just the kind of vibe we need, to bring some light and feel good about life”. He adds that he is also urging listeners to appreciate life and celebrate the festive season as we have gone through a lot of loss and sadness this year.

”We’ve lost too much this year, finances being the major one. If this experience has taught us anything, it is that we need to have fun yet save for a rainy day and live each day with the utmost appreciation of what we have which is each other. COVID-19 taught us that united we can win and divided we are weak and will eventually fail. I’ve seen business close, but I’ve also seen people come together to help the needy without
expecting anything in return. Humanity was tested and we stood strong. That alone has inspired me to soldier on making good music for my people. Music is food to the soul”, said Sunny Boy.

He continued, saying that “for me, music is about moments, so I hope that every time people hear this song, they enjoy it and that it makes the fun moments in their lives even more memorable”,
said Sunny Boy.

As 2020 winds down, Sunny Boy says he’s looking forward to once again performing for his fans and supporters this festive season, after which he’ll take a break to spend time with his family
before preparing for 2021.

“I’m very excited about 2021 because all my plans for 2020 will merge with those of next year, which means double the work for me but also double the rewards. I have big plans. I intend on shooting as many videos as I can so expect me to be on your screens all day every day. My new
album drops and I will also introduce you to my new team YNE Yaziza’s New Era (Yaziza 2.0).

We intend on revamping our clothing line and also venture into short films. 2021 will be a good year with God’s grace”, concluded the King of Summer.


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