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SuperSport: Your Home of Olympic Action!

Watch them rise – all live on SuperSport

Every medal event live on your World of Champions.
This is the commitment from SuperSport as the countdown hots up for the Olympic Games, starting in Tokyo on July 23. SuperSport’s sweeping coverage of the Tokyo Olympics will include eight 24-hour channels on DStv, with the traditional football and variety channels hosting multiple broadcast feeds from Japan, enabling the Olympics to feature on all DStv packages. Existing genre channels will also host Olympic programming.

Additionally, the Grandstand channel will curate the best events, providing a broad view of 2021’s biggest sports occasion. DStv’s multi-platform offering will extend to live streaming (Showmax and DStv) and digital (website, app and social with news, video, medals tables, TV guide, curated notifications and much more) for the ultimate in Olympic viewing pleasure.

Apart from the live coverage, there will be extensive highlights, reviews, previews, historical
programming, athlete features and scene-setters with a particular focus on Africa’s participants.

SuperSport Blitz, the popular sport news channel, will carry breaking news and results and be the place to visit for your Olympic snapshots.
Channels and packages Apart from the eight dedicated 24-hour channels to the Tokyo Olympics, SuperSport will spread more Olympics content on additional channels to ensure a comprehensive viewing experience.

The Family package will have access to three Olympic channels, including the news channel.
Compact will carry six Olympic channels, and Compact Plus has access to all eight dedicated Olympic channels. In addition, overflow content will be available on the Action channel, which is also available to Compact Plus while extensive coverage of the rugby Sevens, golf and tennis events feature on their genre-specific channels (available to Premium subscribers).

Across the African continent, two channels will be available to Access subscribers, including the 24-hour news channel. Four Olympic channels will be available on the Family package.
Compact subscribers will receive six Olympic channels while the Compact Plus package will have eight dedicated Olympic channels. In addition overflow content will be available on the Action channel, which is also available to Compact Plus, while extensive coverage of the rugby Sevens, golf and tennis events feature on their genre-specific channels (available to Premium subscribers).

For a one-stop Premium experience for subscribers across the MultiChoice territories,
SuperSport’s Grandstand channel is the place to be. It will curate the best events at any given time to showcase the best of the best, giving Premium subscribers a unique user-friendly experience.

Streaming Bolstering this linear TV offering is what SuperSport is doing in the OTT space via the DStv app and website and the Showmax Pro platform. The DStv app and website will include four additional streaming channels featuring even more live Olympic content. The offering is available to Premium subscribers across the continent. Showmax will carry all these events making it an easy platform on which users can access what interests them.

While SuperSport will attempt to keep certain sports codes on certain channels, this isn’t always
possible due to clashing start and end times. The intention is to include as much as possible but as
a guide, athletics and swimming will be broadcast on Football Plus. These channels will also host
the opening and closing ceremonies. Swimming, which doesn’t clash with athletics in the first week, will be on PSL and Football Plus, before moving to Premier League and Variety 2A.
The 24-hour news channel is on the Football channel. Football followers can catch the bulk of Olympic football on the La Liga channel. Gymnastics will be on the EPL channel.
While the remaining sports are generally scheduled across channels, dependent on start and end times, this will be communicated and promoted to ensure viewers are aware of what is where.

For example, hockey will move across different Olympic channels dependent on available space. Please note that the 24-hour dedicated Olympics channels will be renamed as Olympics 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 to facilitate navigation. All 46 sporting disciplines will feature on DStv with every medal event from archery to wrestling available.
Number of dedicated Olympic channels per package:
Access – 2 channels
Family – 4 channels
Compact – 6 channels
Compact Plus – 8 channels
Premium – 8 channels + Grandstand

GOtv will spread the sport across four channels: opening and closing ceremonies, athletics,
swimming, basketball (GOtv Max – SS Football); boxing, judo, taekwondo, wrestling, weight lifting, karate (GOtv Max – SS LaLiga); football, basketball (GOtv Plus – Select 1); 24-hour Olympic news and highlights, plus football (GOtv Value – Select 2).
SS1 Maximo – Opening and closing ceremonies, swimming, sailing, gymnastics.
SS2 Maximo – Football, basketball, boxing, handball.
SS Maximo 360 – Opening and closing ceremonies, Angola and Mozambique events, basketball,
athletics, highlights.

Showmax Pro
Showmax Pro subscribers across the continent will be able to live stream hundreds of Olympic events on the streaming service.
Showmax Pro subscribers will have access to live streams of every event that is made available to SuperSport by the Olympic Broadcast Services, including the opening and closing ceremonies, and every medal event. While only Showmax Pro subscribers will have access to live streams of every available event, all Showmax subscribers will be able to stream exclusive Olympics coverage including talk shows, highlights, and documentaries.


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