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Swift 30 – a game for Namibians by Namibians available now

You can purchase Swift 30 this weekend at the Windhoek Charity Cup and Garden Inn market for N$280.

Swift 30 as off yesterday is officially on the market and ready to entertain and educate you. A brainchild of entrepreneur Ndeshipanda Fikameni, Swift 30 is a Namibian general knowledge game.

The game does take elements from well-known 30 seconds game however apart from being tailored made for the Namibian market, the mechanisms within the game are unique to Swift 30.

“The playing board has a unique design made from fabric, the aim of the games aim is to educate, entertain and highlight the gem that Namibia. There is a wide variety of words dealing with Namibian geography, people and history to mention a few. The game has been extensively pre-tested to make sure customers get the maximum enjoyment from the game,” said Fikameni.

Another specialty about Swift 30 is the fact that it is made of fabric material as opposed to the usual cardboard.

“One of the things we used is fabric because Afroprint is experienced with textile. Namibians are a very mobile population, they travel a lot for work or fun or family, therefore Swift 30 is packaged in a very compact and user-friendly manner. It’s small, durable and easy to transport,” said Fikameni.

30 Swift is protected with the business intellectual Property Authority under Section 2. (a) of the Namibian Copyright and Neighboring Rights Protection Act, Act 6. of 1994 as amended.


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