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Tangerine vibes this summer with DJ Dreas

Get ready for a music-filled summer by yours truly!

DJ and producer Andreas Ngula Nambambi famously known as DJ Dreas is going to drop an EP this summer. The EP will be entitled, Tangerine and this will be the young DJ’s first project under the record label Universal Master Builders (UMB) Academy since signing into the record label this year in August.


When asked by unwrap.online on the reason the DJ named his EP Tangerine, he explained that it represents the happy summer vibe he was trying to execute in making the EP.

“Because there’s freedom in Summer, summer is where we all come out to play and we all want to be free. The hue is a vibrant hue, and it represents the sound I went within this project very well,” he says.

DJ Dreas came into the music industry with blazing fire and was quick to make a name for himself among some of the best DJ’s in Namibia. So much so that he earned his way to be chosen to go and work with Red Bull South Africa at their Cape Town studios, an experience he describes a magical opportunity, the DJ says:

“It’s one of those experiences that one can NEVER forget. The whole experience was a learning curve from day one,” he said.

The experience has opened many doors for the UNAM student as Tangerine has mostly been produced by Redbull Studio Cape Town.

“I’ve worked on the project in South Africa, I was afforded the luxury of working with amazing artists from Cape Town. And of course, I collaborated with my people from Namibia as well.”


Moreover, on EP, DJ Dreas has decided to keep the release date and the names of the artists he plans to feature on Tangerine a secret. Though the EP according to DJ Dreas will be available everywhere on earth on its release date, fans would just have to be on the lookout for any hints or clues the DJ might leave on his social media platforms, for this EP which just might brighten up our summer holiday this year and make it memorable.

“Massive thank you to everyone who has been with me on this journey. I appreciate my fans so much. Let’s Spread the news lets spread the good vibes and let’s paint Summer all TANGERINE.”


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