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Tanya Daringo, Vilen Hifindaka and Tanya Stroh announced as Fashion Council board members

The Fashion Council of Namibia (FCN) recently announced the appointment of three new members to its board, bringing the total to 10. The team looked at adding members that would assist the FCN to reach its overall mandate and is delighted to welcome the new members as per the FCN Bylaw provisions said the chairperson, Frieda Karipi.

The Bylaws allow for additional members as per the need of the council, in which the council is fully confident that the entire team represent the vitality and various components which make the fashion industry. With over a decade’s worth of combined experience and skills, the new members complement the strengths of the current board and will assist as the council begins its industry mapping exercise.

Joining the FCN Board are Tanya Turipamwe Stroh, founder, and creative Director at Turipamwe Designs, Turipamwe currently serves as a Board Member of the City of Windhoek Bokamosa Entrepreneurial Centre, The Fashion Council of Namibia and moderates Digital Art and design of Journalism and Media Technology Communications at the Namibia University of Science and Technology. Turipamwe, an industry leader within the design sector and self-admitted caffeine dependent brings to the Council a passion for skills-sharing, creative industries and the power of tech entrepreneurship.

She serves the FCN holding the funding portfolio Tanyaradzwa Daringo, founder and creative director of communications and public relations agency, Zeronine Media. Daringo adds over 6 years of industry experience to the team and has worked with some of the world’s largest brands. Tanya loves the idea of creating and directing perceptions within an ever-changing world and reckons it is time the Namibian fashion industry took its seat at the high table. She serves the FCN within the communications and public relations portfolio.

Vilen Hifindaka, LLB (Hons) holder and candidate legal practitioner, Vilen has key practical experience in areas of contracts and commercial transactions, corporate governance and intellectual property. A budding photographer excited to contribute to the industry by creating frameworks to uphold industry interests through the council. He serves the council as legal secretary the FCN is currently undergoing an industry mapping exercise aimed at understanding and structuring the fashion industry of Namibia.

The new board prioritizes the need to acknowledge the billion-dollar industry that is fashion and acknowledges the need to begin changing the narrative and bridging the various sectors that make up the industry.


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