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Tengeneka, Oshiwmabo 30 seconds to be available soon

Now you can play 30 seconds in Oshiwambo, with Namibian…everything!

There is a new game on the market and it will only require one thing from you that is it be able to describe words and their meaning in Oshiwambo. Tegeneka which is the Oshiwambo version of 30 seconds is something to look forward to if you are a board game lover. According to the founders of Oxungi event and now Tengeneka, the game will be played like 30 seconds however all the rules and instructions are in a Namibian vernacular.

“This is like the 30 seconds game but in Oshiwambo. All the words will be in Oshiwambo and it is played in Oshiwambo. The words will include names of places, heroes and heroines, queen and kings, historical monuments, colors, animals, etc. All in all, it will be a mixture of different things with more focus on the Aawambo culture as the aim of the game and that of Oxungi is to get people to learn and appreciate the Oshiwambo language and the culture of the Aawambo people. To preserve and protect it. It will however still be inclusive and have content that is Namibian and not only focus on the Aawambo people’s content,” said Helena Amweenye.


Amweenya further added on that the words will be in Oshindonga and Oshikwanyama. The game will be launched at the second volume of Oxungi which is on 7 September this year.
Earlier this year, a local brand launched a game called Swift 30 which, like Tengeneka is derived from 30 Seconds the game. The Tengeneka game makers said although there are similarities in both games, there are differences too.

“It is different from Swift 30 in a sense that Tengeneka is an Oshiwambo game and must be played strictly in Oshiwambo. Why the game? To keep the language alive in an entertaining way,” she concluded.

Oxungi yotango ya ningilwa moshilandopangelo. Otatu pandula Francis Photo Studio sho etu thaanekela omafano getu omawanawa.

Posted by Oxungi – Oshiwambo Night on Tuesday, 19 March 2019


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