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Teqla takes us back with Magic

Teqla releases a single titled magic and it is just that, magic!

After being absent from the entertainment scene, formerly known TeQuila who now goes by Teqla has been back with the promise of her upcoming album, ‘Djuulufi’. The artist, however, has released a few songs since officially returning such as Djuulukwa, a song she’s dedicated to her late father, and Let’s Be Together both songs capturing those outstanding vocalsthat truly marked her as one of Namibia’s top female vocalists.


The Gazza Music Production (GMP) artist has dropped another single, entitled magic. Teqla has said that her upcoming album Djuulufi will be very different from her previous work and magic proves this point well. The single has an old school vibe that captures that time and era well, while her amazing vocals is enough to send good goosebumps down any music lovers spine.


 The single was met by happy fans that had nothing but positive remarks on the song and has created an urgency on the need for her album. Until then, Magic is available on all digital music platforms for all to enjoy.


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