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The Beat hits Okuryangava

By Emilie Shimbali

The newest place for chill and a tweet up has finally opened in Okuryangava, an informal settlement in Windhoek. The Beat, which is a Social Café seems to be blossoming and is run by two well-known creatives, namely, Andrew on the beat, Julius Hamwele AKA Page (Ethnix) as well as Immanuel.

The passion to see faces happy together has driven the three men out of their comfort zones to share business ideas, entrepreneurship skills and experiences.

The Beat serves delicious meals and fantastic drinks for the neighborhood that brings together a flock of creatives. One can find champagnes, wines, cold beverages or any other hot drinks you could think of. 

Their kitchen gallery brings a menu, full of various food items ranging from juicy Beat Burgers which can be served with chicken wings, classic Russians and other mouthwatering dishes.

“It’s high time for our musicians to stop running to tuck shops and walk around to find a cool drink. We have decided to build this place so our people can be enjoying while in their location, and artists will also have something to eat while waiting for their studio sessions. We want to see people happy and relaxing together,” said Page.

The Cafe is operating as per Covid-19 regulations and their place is beautifully designed to keep everybody safe. The Beat is located opposite the Women Center in Ongarangombe street.

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