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The Black Parent

By Pricilla Mukokobi and Wilka Kayoko

Learn all about a typical Zambezi parent from the Black Parent’s skits!

Having cut his teeth in comedy in 2017, Katima Mulilo based comedian Maiba Keith is the Black Parent. Rising to fame with his hilarious short comic skits that are distributed on social mediums, is driven by the desire to keep the nation in tears of laughter. 

The Zambezi born comedian calls himself Mushemi Yosiiha loosely translated to Black Parent. His decision to create comedy based on the lifestyle of black Zambezi parents was merely driven by the desire to share his people’s culture and lifestyle with many Namibians who have not been in that part of the country. 

“I made a video and I didn’t share it with anyone because I felt like it was not good until my roommate at the time decided to upload it without my knowledge. To my surprise, it went viral. That is when everyone pushed me to do more clips, I did and it went viral to my hometown Katima Mulilo,” he said.

While bemoaning the low financial rewards associated with his craft he said his most treasures bargain has been the ability to make strangers laugh. 

Black Parent is also trying his hand with events hosting such as DJ Siya’s album launch, Sanlam Summer Festival in 2017, Miss Zambezi (2018&2019) and New year’s bash in Katima Mulilo.

“The challenges I come across is getting your audience to react, as an entertainer, you need to see what they like at the beginning of an event, so that you give them what the want and get positive reactions,” he said.

FUNNY MAN: Follow the Black Parent on social media for a little laugh. 

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