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The devil’s strategies to ruin your life

By Mona Sambo

Written in 1938 by the American self-help author and journalist Napoleon Hill, Outwitting the devil is a book written as an interview between Hill and the devil.

The book is based on Hill’s attempts to find out the secrets to success and freedom by evaluating the huge obstacles that the human being faces in order to reach their goals in life.

The development of this work focuses on the interrogation that Mr Earthbound ‘Hill’ asks Your majesty ‘the devil’ to unveil how people limit their success and how satan achieve his manipulation.

An interesting fact about the book is that it was written after one of the biggest economic crises and preceded World War II, so if you want to have more strength, courage and faith in yourself to overcome all the adversities that come your way, this book will be a gift that you will love. 

The book presents us with the following topics:

The difference between drifters and non-drifters;

Have a definition of purpose;

Finding your other self;

Hill’s seven principles;

The law of hypnotic rhythm.

Outwitting the devil was considered too controversial to be published in its era and after having gone through several hands through the circumstances of life, it was finally published in 2011.

Do not be alarmed or prejudiced by the title of the book that in a wise way the author knew how to talk about all areas in life without denigrating anybody’s values. It is quite the contrary. What was most talked about was value. The value of the human being and the value that we place on ourselves. It provides a confrontation between what you know and what you think you know.

This manual for success with 200 pages is considered the Hill’s second greatest work, after Think and grows rich, but it is still one of the favourite books of many figures considered masters of financial education.

If you allow yourself to read this book, go without fear because the author does not talk about religion, does not raise any moral values other than the simple fact that you observe more yourself and what you are or would like to be, but for some reason has not yet realised.

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