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The Mastubatorium Podcast with JuliART

Learn more about your body with JuliArt on the Mastubatorium Podcast!

Multi disciplinary nude artist JuliArt, founder of Body Positive Namibia is the producer and host of her very own sex-positive/sex education online podcast.Titled The masturbatorium after the room in which she spends an hour a day masturbating, the podcast aims to punch and trample over any and all sex-related taboos and shame while educating and inspiring Namibian people to step out of their comfort zone and talk about the realities we all face when it comes to sex.

“Pleasure is every human being’s birthright, to feel, receive and give pleasure in a consensual and respectful way so why do we shame each other for being human? how can we create a society where sex is not seen as a taboo a, something you can only do with your husband/wife once and only when married, in fact, can we talk about women who love and enjoy sex without slut-shaming them? why are we not talking loudly and openly about Queer sex? how can we have more safe sex,” Julia questions.

These are all questions answered in the Masturbatorium podcast. A new episode is released once every month on a New Moon to signify new beginnings, another chance for all of us to start again, set new intentions, do better and have better sex according to JuliArt.
The last episode of the podcast is up on the artist’s Mixcloud account and she talks about Ecosexuality, people who are sexually attracted to and indulge in, making love to the earth/nature.

The next episode will be out in August!


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