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The reality of the lockdown on creatives

By: Matty Kaminzi

Being under lockdown is definitely something no one was looking forward to this year but it seems it is our new normal. A few Namibian personalities took time to share with us what these trying times have taught them and how they are adjusting.

Namibian artist Gazza just like all of us admits the lockdown has not been easy but it has given him time to self-reflect and appreciate family and his loved ones.

“We thought the digital market will be easy for content distribution but it has been the complete opposite, people and finding other means to entertain themselves rather than listen to music,” he said.


Namibian presenter and television host David Mbeha shared with us his lockdown experience.

“Being under lockdown has taught me to appreciate every moment and cherish what matters most,” he said.


Gospel artist Pride Panashe Mafukize says in these trying times it is important to keep hope alive by redirecting the focus back to God.

Pride and his wife just like many out there have taken a stand to be actively involved in food distribution they are doing this through the NGO, Hope Initiative Southern Africa.

Namibian musician CotaMushe urged Namibians to stay safe and practise all the necessary precautions in avoiding the further spread of the coronavirus. “This lockdown is also teaching me how to rely on myself and not on other people he,” said.

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Former Miss Namibia Odile Gertze has had a fair share of lessons during this lockdown.

She shared with us how the lockdown has taught her to slow down and actually appreciate all she has achieved so far, instead of trying to constantly chase the next best thing every time.

“When it comes to my career it’s taught me that some of my methods can be old school, so am learning to adapt and adjust with the times.”

Renowned producer, MC and Television host Pombili Shilongo shared with us for her this lockdown has been a journey of self-actualisation. 

“I have learned a great deal of forgiveness, compaction, real kindness and genuineness to people I consider family and friends,” she said.

She added that with her career this period is teaching her self-branding, and actually seeing herself as a brand and carrying herself as such. 


Namibian make-up artist Jay Aeron says he sees this time as a chance for Mother Nature to actually breathe and rest, from all the human pollution and destruction. Not only that but this time has taught him the importance of self-care and the importance of mental health.

“I may not be making much of a living to sustain myself from the make-up services I offer, but is still remain grateful I am able to do what I do,” he said.


Artist Vikta Juice Boi expressed how the lockdown has really cut into finances however, he says this period is giving him the time needs as an artist to be more creative without the rush of the busy world.

“This is a time where we need to come together as artists to share the love and support one another by sharing each other’s content,” he said.



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