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The science of getting rich – Book review

By Mona Sambo

The science of getting rich is a book written by the American writer Wallace D. Wattles and published in 1910. It is based upon the phrase “The certain way of thinking”, many times used by Wattles, that basically means that getting rich is the result we obtain by doing things in a certain way.

Right from the start, the preface says the following: “This book is pragmatic, not philosophical. A practical manual, not a theoretical treatise. It is made for men and women whose most urgent need is money, it is for those who want to get rich first and philosophize later”.

The author delves into the determinants of success by saying at once that it has nothing to do with the amount of intelligence a person obtain and that it is a question of values. Sage has spiritual, moral, ethical, effective, scientific values. The rich ‘poor in spirit’ own what? Just money.

The book was described by ‘USA Today’ as “divided into 17 short, straight-to-the-point chapters that explain how to overcome mental barriers and how creation, rather than competition, is the hidden key to wealth attraction”.

Although the author wrote the book for science, I consider it more like a financial self-help book, made for those who want results and want scientific conclusions to form the basis of their actions.

What impressed me the most was the writing that so closely resembles those of the modern days in which we live. Those who read it can easily say that it was written in the last decade and not in the last millennium.
I think this is due to the fact that humanity is inclined to follow patterns that keep them away from the thirst to obtain wealth and live abundantly.

The writing is somewhat similar to that of Napoleon Hill and other writers in the field, not because they have the same thoughts but because their thoughts lead to exactly the same place: Richness.
The author at one point appealed to the religious side saying that there is nothing wrong with wanting to be rich and have a good life because we are worthy for the simple fact that we are born and the sin would be not to fight for the things that you have the capacity to obtain.

He defends the thought that “there is an amorphous substance that permeates everything, being a thinking matter where we can shape things with our thoughts and by imprinting this thought on that amorphous substance, we materialize the objective of thought”.

In this case, I came to the conclusion that our thoughts can take shape. When we materialize something in our mind, the chances of this thing actually existing or happening are many.
This simple, practical and small work contains only 57 pages and I believe it is because it really goes to the point as mentioned above.

What many of us do not know is that ‘The science of’ is a trilogy composed by 3 books that are: The science of getting rich, The science of Being great and The science of being well.

I really advise everyone to take a look at this book that whether or not will change something in the way you see the world and possibly lead you on the path to obtaining wealth.


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