Home Fashion The synEdgy dress that snatched edges and soon to break the internet

The synEdgy dress that snatched edges and soon to break the internet

Simeone Johanness shows off what he can do in an experimental phase.

What do you really mean when you say I might play around and do something? Well the past weekend, synEdgy fashion designs founder Simeone Johanness revealved to this followers what he can come up with while he is off duty.

The designer took to his social mediums and showed off what his very capable hands can do. In a few worded caption, the designer attached a couple of pictures with an amazing, edge snatching colourful dress that was modelled by Miss Namibia semi-finals Johanna Swartbooi.

The caption read:

So this weekend I was off and instead of resting I decided to experiment a little and came up with this. What are your thoughts?


His followers and fashion lovers expressed their disbelief at the fact that the dress was only done as an experiment. The red, yellow and blue over the shoulder maxi dress has since been making rounds on social mediums with many requesting for its cost for purchase.



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